Earlier this week, the Loewe Creative Director, JW Anderson, released his newest provocative collaboration with sneaker giant Converse. Lovingly referred to as the “Toy,” the customized Chuck Taylor All-Star 70’s are destined to be intensely popular similar to Anderson and Converse’s previous joint sneaker. Featuring an especially glossy patent leather construction, the sneakers come in some wonderful colorways: “Kumquat-Cherry” or “Mountain View-Jolly” for the high tops and “Coral Pink-Blazing Yellow” as well as “Pink Mist-Barley Volt” for the lows. I believe this would be a fine opportunity to take a brief look at some of this past year’s freshest Converse collaborations, not only to commemorate this particular capsule collection but also to just pay homage to some of the very cool things that the American brand is doing.

Converse x GOLF le FLEUR*

Tyler, the Creator is back at it continuing his collaborative collection with Converse with these newest sneakers. Best described as colorful and flowery, the low top sneakers are a wonderful reinterpretation of Converse’s classic One Star. The revamped sneaker comes with thicker laces, smoother suede, and a tighter sole pattern, which, realistically, does not affect me much in the slightest, but you got to love the gang’s dedication to making a high quality sneaker! Arriving in four separate flowery colorways, these sneakers are ideal for soaking up the sun with friends. Take ’em down to the beach and get them sandy, or hey: take a cue from Tyler himself and go play a round of golf, the staff at the country club are sure to crane their necks at full 180° when they see you sinking hole-in-ones while donning these cuties, easily one of the freshest Converse collaborations of the year.

Converse x Midnight Studios

23-year-old-designer Shane Gonzales of Midnight Studios has taken the current trend of deconstructed sneakers one step further in one of the freshest Converse collaborations in 2018. The Los Angeles-based youngster took two of Converse’s iconic shoes, the Chuck Taylor All-Star 70 and the One Star, and flipped them inside-out: “When I approached such traditional and everyday sneakers such as these, a million things ran through my mind. But the idea of turning them inside out really stuck in my head.” Although the Midnight Studios label might be more known for large, audacious graphics, I commend Gonzales for his subdued approach with the sneakers. They sort of remind me of the sneaker equivalent of Jai Paul’s leaked demo album; stolen straight off the assembly line, unfinished, yet, despite everything, still damn gorgeous…

Converse x OFF-WHITE

It seems like every single week I am mentioning Virgil Abloh for one reason or another, and I mean it is tough not to — the guy is just so hot right now. Following shortly after the incredibly hyped “The Ten” collaboration with Nike, Virgil walked across the street to Converse and just did the same thing. Step aside Midnight Studios because this is how you do deconstructed sneakers right, right? It hits all the classic OFF-WHITE notes: the glossy red zip-tie, the remixed fabrications, and (of course) the Helvetica lettering. It is definitely a fun take on the sneaker though, it is very cool to see such a classic American shoe like the Chuck Taylor All-Star 70 reimagined in such an adventurous way. It will be exciting to see what Virgil would do if he ever returns for another Converse collab.


There you have it, a handful of the freshest Converse collaborations to show that the brand has not lost any steam in 2018. If anything it honestly seems like Converse has been gaining momentum and I am very excited to see the kinds of products that they dream up going forward. Chucks still remain my favorite pair of sneakers to just throw on whenever I’m zipping out of the house to class or the corner store or really anywhere… Unfortunately, I don’t have any of these super cool pairs, but I am pretty content with my own Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY sneakers.