It’s summer, and that means one thing – water. Right now’s the perfect time to update your swimwear kit. 2018 summer swimwear trends see a very interesting intersection of aesthetics. There’s a clear tilt towards minimalist, monochrome pieces, but racy, loud, and printed designs are still well in play too. Let’s have a look!

2018 Summer Swimwear Trends – Monochrome Colors Push For Minimalism

From the one side, there is indeed a serious push towards minimalism, reflected in clean-cut, seamless designs that favor blacks, whites, greys and muted pastel tones. Myraswim, Ward Whillas and Solid & Striped are three brands doing this look perfectly. Pared down details and clean cuts certainly fit the post-Uniqlo fashion landscape. Our appetite for simple utilitarian styles seems to only be increasing year on year. If you’re looking to inject a bit of easy sophistication to your summer beach look, you would do well to consider this style.

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Bright Colors, Patterns, and Twists Stay Relevant

From the other side, we have a trend towards the maximal, with bright colors, floral patterns, polka dots, and all-over graphics all set to be big in Summer 2018. Could this be a reaction to the last few years seeing a trend towards the aforementioned minimalism? Umm, yep, could be! Vivid greens, neon pinks and blues, and old school nautical blues are all over the major designer lineups. Bandeau tops, scalloped edges, and button details are back too, by the way. Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana and other houses have gifted some pretty colorful jacquard printed bikinis and one-pieces. Elsewhere, Lisa Marie Fernandez and Fendi some great ruffled flounces and one-shoulder looks, another great ornamental option to think about.

One Thing To Agree On: High Waists Are For Everyone

While the maximalist vs. minimalist style debate isn’t gonna be settled anytime soon, one thing is true across the board: high waists are for everyone! That 90’s high waist thong look has been dusted off and spruced up in a big way. Ditto for the more ‘true retro’ high-waisted brief-bottom style look. Some of you may remember American Apparel (RIP!) brought this look back for a select niche quite a few years back. But Summer 2018 is really gonna be the summer it finally breaks through to the mainstream. Get ahead of the curve while you still can!


So there you have it. This summer’s swimwear is all about self-expression. Maximal or minimal, whichever you choose, just remember not to fear the high waistline. You got this.