Everything that has a beginning surely comes to an end, and this was the case with the recently concluded 2017 New York Fashion Week otherwise known as the NYFW. And, for Tom Ford who was returning to the NYFW, this was certainly one of his best outings yet.
The fashion designer began the 2017 NYFW with fervor and this was right in front of who? You guessed right, the A-list stars that included Cindy Crawford, Kim Kardashian West, Karlie Kloss and Julianne Moore. Besides the fact that Tom Ford’s presentation was done in front of these A-listers, here are some of the other things about the show or that went down at Tom Ford’s return to the New York Fashion Week.

The Catwalk was Pink

Tom Ford’s show kicked off the fashion week, and it was all a pink affair. This probably means that the so-called ‘Millennial pink’ is not going away next season or in the very near future. And, this was demonstrated by the fact that several of the clothes worn and displayed by the models were in pink.

More so, the model that carried the day at the show had two out of her three looks in pink. And, this was no other person than Binx Walton who achieved this in spite of the presence of other notable models like Mica Arganaz, Kendall, Joan Smalls and Gigi Hadid.

Binx Walton Held Sway

She had the double honors of opening as well as closing the Tom Ford Spring 2018 show at the fashion week. At the onset, the famed model came out wearing a golden shorts-suit complete with a chain mail top and a pair of pink stilettos. And then, she equally had her final look that closed the fashion show wearing a languid gown complete with sequin sleeves.

The ’90s is Back

The bold shoulders that portrayed the padded shoulder designs of the ’90s is certainly back, going by what Tom Ford and his designs are saying. This, was seen in the dresses worn by the models. Gigi Hadid, for instance wore a dusty pink-hued gown with size-able shoulders.

While, the same could be said of Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls, who both wore black gowns with the same kind of wide shoulder detailing. However, besides clothing, the models with their side-wept hair styles also attested to the coif look of the early ’90s.

It was The Talk of The Town

Indeed, Tom Ford’s show was evidently the talk of the town as celebrities including the elite of fashion posted images as well as videos on social media. There was certainly, quite a lot to post and share.

The Show had a Day Wear plus an Evening as well

Furthermore, Tom Ford had his show broken into two sections. There was the day event and later on the evening event held. The evening event was opened by Gigi, with tasteful piano music being played with Kender, Joan including other modeling stars following. After which, Binx Walton made her final turn, and then Ford takes a bow, with the usual standing ovation made to close the show.