Throughout the ages, fashion remains a staple go-to for the generations to stretch their expressive—and creative—muscles. Whether we put thought into our garment choice or just throw on whatever we think looks good in the moment, our clothes speak of our personality, our experiences, our backgrounds, our current moods, and even our creeds. No wonder events like the New York Fashion Week captivate artists, audiences, and consumers alike.

Developing an individual-focused moto based on a blend of retro trends and modern aesthetic, designers worldwide created a 2018 collection of eclectic pieces which accentuate what it means to live in this Millennium, even if you’re not a Millennial. This is evident not only in the clothing choices, but the bold makeup, hair, and accessories that graced the scene. Of those additions, however, the biggest focus of the fashion is, of course, the fashion of the ages. Without further ado, I present the eras you can expect to fashionably crash the 2018 party.

The 30s and 40s (In a way)

The Aviator look is back. Not the glasses perse, but the general inspiration was all over Fashion Week’s sports design. The most noteworthy piece comes from Fenty x Puma’s collection. The navy-blue tube-top jumpsuit is made of waterproof materials, perfect for a late-night swim. It dons the safety straps and buckles of a parachute safety harness to give the wearer that sense of adventure. Maybe it’s a little more 007 than Orville and Wilbur Wright, but this suit carries the adrenaline of danger both the Wright brothers and Bond surely felt through every flight and every jump.

The 50s and 60s

Speaking of aviators (the glasses kind), the cat eye frame is making a huge comeback this season.

The cat eye gives a casual office look, offering an air of sophistication to a variety of styles. As demonstrated by Kenddall Jenner, Stephanie Sheperd, and Kourtney Kardashian, this eyewear gives an elegant edge to a variety of styles. Whether you’re prepping for your next big meeting, bumming at the beach, strutting the Hollywood Walk of Fame in your favorite backless number, or rocking the grunge style of the Chicago beat scene, a strong pair of cat eyes will lend an extra oomph to your outfit.

The 80s

Leather is the leader but it doesn’t have to mean biker, as Alexander Wang’s versatile trousers rightly show. The unique white stripes across the legs give these pants a serious racer look but paired with a chiffon top or an oversized coat and the look completely transforms to something of that eclectic vibe electrifying the 2018 fashion scene. The coming season is absolutely littered with other little leather items. Think skirts, hats, and bags.

So many other decades of women’s style were covered in this year’s Fashion Week including pantsuits, futuristic (and Jungle Book) style handbags, platform heels, and statement overcoats. 2018 really is the season of the eras, which means everyone living in this Millennium will get on board, intentionally or accidentally.

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