All throughout history, socks have mostly been used as a necessary commodity to keep our feet warm. Only in recent years has any thought been given to socks possibly becoming fashion statements, and people are loving it!

Socks are now serving a purpose in completing stylish outfits in just the right way. Gone are the days when socks were thought of as the worst Christmas gift one could give. Now men and women the world over see them as an important accessory to complete any outfit and make a bold statement.

If you don’t believe it, look at nearly every major Resort 2018 runway from Gucci to Prada, to Bottegea Veneta and Valentino – everyone at those travel-themed runways has a message, and the different sock-styling guidelines they share cover every look from playful and sporty, to sophisticated and chic. They are sure to keep this trend going for a long time to come!

Stars Rocking the Statement Sock Look

Statement socks make every outfit better, and high profile individuals like Rita Ora, Rihanna, Leandra Medine, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are proving it every day. Socks are also in the spotlight of men’s fashion these days and it’s likely going to stay that way for a while. Male and female celebrities alike have shown us that far from being an awful trend, statement socks are cool and they are here to stay.

So Many Styles to Choose From

For men, socks have become like ties when they are dressed in formal wear. They add that extra color and give the outfit more personality. A lot of men are jumping into this fashion trend for that reason. As for the ladies, with so many styles to choose from and a sock to complete any outfit, you’ll never run out of ideas.

How to wear these socks?

Super feminine skirts can be paired with knee-high soccer socks worn with stiletto heels, and long, brightly colored socks can be worn over flashy tights. Socks can be paired with different shoes for completely different looks – from vertical stripe silk socks paired with chunky-heeled shoes, or beautifully adorned socks worn with metallic pumps for an elegant look, or even delicate striped socks with T-strap sandals for a fun summer look.
You can even use calf-length socks to be able to wear your summer shoes well into fall!

Easy Ways to Jump into the Trend

You may have noticed while walking down the street or scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook or other social media pages, that far from slowing down, the statement sock trend is very much alive. And while not everyone can yet pull it off or feel comfortable with this style, many are starting to try it out – and you can too.

It’s really easy! Just wear your socks and your hems high. If you can, wear them with high-exposure or see-through shoes. The striped socks are especially popular and it’s super stylish to contrast girly looks with sporty socks. If you’re going to wear heavy fabrics then go for the more delicate hosiery.

Sock-Fit Sneakers

When it comes to women’s footwear, we’ve seen sock-fit shoes in the form of fitted ankle boots, but recently this snug ankle style has merged with men’s footwear and the result is sock-fit sneakers – another phase in our ever-expanding fixation with athleisure wear which is creating a serious craze. For spring 2018, it’s all about the sock-fit sneaker for the guys and designers have shown us that there are plenty of ways to rock the super fitted, sock-like sneaker!

Socks are getting quite expensive these days! Even The Times is talking about it!