Your beloved skinny-legged jeans don’t have the monopoly on denim styles any more, and this new extra-wide denim style for women is catching on just in time for fall shopping. Add a pair of these wide-leg denim pants to change the denim status quo in your wardrobe.

Once again, the vintage-style jean has returned as a modern classic. It has been popping up for a few years but it’s here with more wide-spread appeal this season. Resort season is currently taking place and Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, and Solace London are creating new cuts of heavy, wide-legged denim for resort, and already it seems extra wide is the only style to wear this summer.

The denim market is always more complex and multifaceted and it offers more creativity that can’t always be boxed within rigid seasons’ borders. Seasons are increasingly overlapping, and may sometime dissolve, mix or even be skipped and open way for long-term predictions that focus more on consumer needs rather than on seasonal forecasts.

Munich Fabric Start “Denim beyond Seasons”

Munich Fabric Start has grown to become one of the world’s biggest trade fairs for fabrics and accessories and this year, they kicked off the new trade fair for Autumn/Winter ‘18/’19 with a bang – adding a new feature, THE INFINITE, which had an evocative message ‘Denim beyond Seasons’ –a concept which picks up on new trends that distance themselves from the traditional seasonal approach and adapt to the process of real-life requirements.

This new addition was created to explore the evolution of denim beyond seasons and will present eight different consumer types–identified with eight different magazines–each one focused on their own specific tastes and attitudes.

Tips on how to wear wide jeans

If you haven’t shopped in a while, this is the time to add this one item to your wardrobe. For a sexy look, choose a high-waisted cut, zero-stretch, added slouch, extra-long and wear it with spiky stiletto pumps. In dark denim, this look can work for both weekend and work casual. Paired with a deconstructed shirt or a soft tee shirt the wide legged denim pants offer up looks that range from simple elegance to modern chic.

Seeing as the pants go just as well with flats, heels and sneakers, alike – it appears that a pair of wide-leg jeans will be your wardrobe hero for the upcoming season and beyond. With its flattering silhouette, this version of denim pants is easy to wear and is being embraced by women the world over and it’s a fashion trend that is here to stay. Follow these simple rules on how to wear wide-leg denim pants and embrace this old look, which is new and modern once again.

Tuck in your top and show off your waistline. If you want you can wear a jacket over the tucked-in top. This is the best way to look fabulous in wide legged pants. Also, for a more sophisticated look, consider wearing just one color from head to toe. With that silhouette, the movement of the pants will make a beautiful statement.

Skater jeans are also a must-have for this season. Check out some looks here.