Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God was launched in the year 2013 and quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to modern-day menswear. Its emblematic pieces are instantly identifiable on the street. Moreover, this brand is one that combines inspiration from the varied worlds of popular culture and hip-hop, as well as the divine, in order to create something that is consistent with today’s urban culture.

As we look forward to the autumn/winter season, here are some of the best pieces from the Fear of God clothing line that make Fear of God (FOG) one of the most celebrated urban street-wear brands that you should consider wearing. In addition to this, although the brand is usually seen as menswear-exclusive, there are pieces on this list for women as well. Below, the selections have been divided into men’s and womenswear.




One of the styles that Fear of God is best known for is its hoodies. A good example of this is the Heavy Terry Alpaca Hoodie. This hoodie has been lined with Alpaca Sherpa and features a titanium Riri Double Zip closure. For Jerry Lorenzo, the shape of his clothes is critical, and so its oversized shape was inspired by the early 1990’s look. This is definitely a hoodie to try out this fall.

Tee or Jersey

Another apparel item that seems to define the Fear of God clothing line is their tees. Regarding this, the Mesh Motocross Jersey, which draws its inspiration from the fourth collection’s Long Sleeve Essential Tee, is a fantastic example. Its graphics are reminiscent of the racing jerseys of the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. This jersey is made of 100% polyester, but is it also offered in 100% silk construction if you prefer a more luxe option.

Denim jean

Last on this list of the Fear of God menswear is the denim jean. And the Selvedge Denim Panelled Jean represents this brand well. It is made from raw Japanese denim fabric, and this slim-fit 3X1 jean has gold buttons and inside zippers at the cuffs. They are surely a fine choice for the upcoming autumn or winter season.




Women look just as good sporting Fear of God’s oversized shirts, and the Oversized Flannel Button Down Shirt is no exception. This long sleeve plaid shirt is 100% cotton and is made with breast flap buttons including button closure. Get one today and you will be on your way to dressing appropriately streetwise in the upcoming autumn/winter season.


In addition to the FOG shirts, hoodies look good on the ladies as well. Indeed, they are one of the iconic pieces that women wearing the Fear of God brand are known for. Now, one of such hoodies is the muscle hoodie, especially the heather grey colored one. These hoodies are made from fleece fabric and can be paired with track trousers or jeans.


Finally, the Fear of God bandana is the last clothing item to be considered here for the womenswear section and the entire list. You can wear this versatile accessory around your neck to protect it from the cold during the fall and winter seasons.