Summer can be the best or worst season depending on your style, saying goodbye to the almost infinite compositions and fits that can be crafted in colder months and embracing a simpler stripped down aesthetic is not a welcome challenge by all.

Graphic tees replace jackets as the focal point of an outfit and it becomes impossible to hide the fact that your body is not quite ready for summer.

A great pair of sneakers can do wonders for a summer fit but what if your shoe rotation is anemic and you’re not really a graphic tee enthusiast?

Shirts! Wear them!

No, not the super-happy-go-lucky ones that sport enough flowers to worry environmentalists.

Simple, straightforward, silky summer shirts are a godsend that won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your wardrobe.

Al Pacino Summer Shirt

You might not be a big-time drug lord or tango dancer but both activities involve a certain level of exhaustion that requires proper ventilation. Taking inspiration from Mr.Montana, super lightweight silky shirts are the way to go this summer (and every summer thereafter).

‘70s Latin American casual wear is where you need to look for summer shirt inspiration. Lightweight garments, saturated colors, and thrifted vibes without delving into an overly joyful mess.

If you’re pressed for time, I recommend watching the 2002 masterpiece, “City of God.” Putting the entertainment value and cinematic experience aside, the film can serve as a retro moving lookbook of sorts.

Silky summer shirts don’t need to be floral or overly graphic, however, should you decide to dip your toes in that pond, smiling is a requirement, and that’s word to Benny.

Benny City of God


Pyjama Summer Shirts

Taking advantage of the trend towards extreme coziness at all times, pyjama shirts are quickly becoming a summer essential that need to be part of your rotation.

This versace silk shirt is flowy, silky, and breathable. The gold leaf pattern takes center stage and compensates for any underachieving part of an outfit.

This pyjama shirt is simple yet remains elegant with a subtle white trim.

As with the shirts themselves, let’s not try to do too much. You now have a few more places to look for inspiration and a great movie recommendation (seriously, watch it).