If you are looking for your closet’s next center piece then look no further than the Saint Laurent 2017 Fall/Winter line. Bust out your leather for a classy riské look. You will be both warm and hot, hot, hot this season with these aggressive and bold pieces lined in cozy sheep wool.

Get warm in couture

But don’t limit yourself to the average black leather jacket. Find dresses, boots, skirts lined with leather ruffles adding a certain weight and volume that you’ve never seen before in the leather.

Saint Laurent preferred brown evocative leather bringing a little more life to your outfit than black, but if you’re feeling adventurous look into a couple of their blue leather pieces too which will set you apart from the crowd, which isn’t so easy to do when you’re hiding underneath all those layers in the cold. As Elle Magazine is saying this season, “brown is definitely the new black.”

Leather on leather

And do not forget your boot choice for this Fall season. Make it leather, too. Go ahead and add several leather pieces to an outfit. Pick a pair of knee high leather boots. If they’ve got a loose slouch then you’re golden.

Pair them with a high skirt or even a medium length dress. Did you think I was joking? No, I’m serious, use your boots with a fancy dress for an evening out. Saint Laurent pairs beautiful silver sparkles in every length with their notably favorite boots, for a new classy look. Heels are not a must!

The whole tone of this line is a loud call to bring leather back as a staple for any occasion. Whether it’s a fancy gala or your everyday skirt, leather is not just for your local biker gang. Bring it into your wardrobe without looking like a dominatrix but in a casual laid back coat fitted with a thick belt, a long sleeved leather dress, a long leather gala dress, or a boho inspired skirt.

Much more surprisingly don’t think the one shoulder look is over for one second. From shirts, dresses, and gowns, Saint Laurent tries it all with this unique trend, highlighting it even by adding ruffles and sparkles to the shoulder. Yes, in leather, in case you were wondering.

This line is edgy and provocative. If my references to ruffles and sparkles mislead you, then I’m sorry. You’ve got a prevalence of dark colors with wide frames, including some pointy shoulders, and in-your-face ruffles, that would make even the most tomboy girl feel at home in these leather dresses.

The line rounds out the collection with some black velvet pieces playing with different types of necklines, a little bit of lace in layers and transparent fabrics for a few unique delicate and sexy pieces, a couple of blazers for a more fabulous working girl look, and blouses with wide ruffled sleeves.

Anyways, how many times did I say “leather”? Yeah, I think you got it. If you can’t do leather though, you’ll find other Saint Laurent trends on Vogue.