With every new year comes a refreshed set of fashion trends whose mood is mediated by a carefully-chosen color palette. Here’s the lowdown on the 2018 fashion color of the year, one that you can expect to see all over the runways this coming year.

‘Ultraviolet Purple’

In late 2017, Pantone announced that their flagship color for the upcoming year is ‘ultraviolet’ purple. Aligning this hue with concepts of change and upheaval in the world at large, Pantone suggest that this is the tone of the current zeitgeist. Paying homage to forward-thinking bygone artists such as Prince and David Bowie, who have embraced the color throughout their oeuvre, ultraviolet purple is both a tribute to the past and a hopeful look towards the future. Many people often roll their eyes, or yawn (or both) at Pantone’s color predictions, yet their recent track record of accurately predicting the colors that eventually become ubiquitous positions them as reliable visionaries for this sort of thing. After all, their selection of ‘Rose Quartz pink’ as 2015’s color of the year ushered in the phenomenon we have come to recognize as ‘millennial pink’. Now that millennial pink’s moment has come to pass, it is clearly time to usher in a new yet similarly exuberant reigning color at the tail end of this second decade of the millenium. Apparently, the fashion world has gotten the memo well in advance. Elle reported on how purple was the prevalent color at London Fashion Week, and the world of menswear was also shaken up by the inclusion of purple in many of the past year’s collections. We can only expect the appearance of purple to proliferate from here on out, so be sure to stay ahead of the curve by copping some key items in this daring hue.

Since Pantone named ‘ultraviolet purple’ their color of the year, we can expect to see a lot of this particular shade in upcoming fashion collections.

Frozen Yellow

We have Adidas to thank for this next contender for the 2018 fashion color of the year, specifically as a result of their collaboration with Kanye West. This scintillant shade of fluorescent yellow that is in equal parts safetywear and McDonald’s wrapping paper actually harks back to West’s longstanding obsession with neon, which gave way to this unforgettable (regrettable) fad. The Yeezy 350’s in their ‘frozen yellow’ incarnation have been a coveted item since West was first spotted sporting a sample of them this past summer. The eye-catching colorway incited interest in this particularly blinding shade of yellow, which had already been explored by labels such as Y-3 and Palace in their respective Adidas collaborations. We can anticipate this color trend to become central to the collections of many streetwear-leaning designers, or at the very least inspire a slew of copycat pieces. Only time will tell whether ‘frozen yellow’ will reign supreme or merely be a (neon-lit) flash in the pan.    

Kanye West’s boldly-colored ‘Frozen yellow’ Yeezy 350’s have incited a surge in popularity for this bright hue.

Caliente Red

Benjamin Moore announced that their 2018 fashion color of the year is Caliente AF-290, or, if you prefer ‘Caliente AF’. As the title insinuates, this sultry shade is a bold red hue whose appeal speaks across interior design and fashion alike. Although the Benjamin Moore camp have less fashion clout than Pantone when it comes to steering public interest, they may in fact be onto something this time around. After all, red was all the rage throughout Fall 2017, and it would seem as though interest in the color is far from dwindling out. Saint Laurent, Helmut Lang, and Stella McCartney have all featured statement-making red pieces in their latest collections, interrupting muted color palettes with a refreshingly striking dash of color not unlike Benjamin Moore’s beloved ‘caliente’. Will this color trend spread like wildfire? Your guess is as good as mine.

Red has been a prevalent color in recent runway shows, suggesting that it can be 2018’s top fashion color.

As you can see, the contenders for 2018 fashion color of the year are all vivid tones, suggesting that this upcoming year should be one filled with fearless style moves. What are your thoughts on these predictions for the 2018 fashion color forecast? Have any great style tips for how to integrate these colors into outfits? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.